These guys are THE BEST.

If you live in the Brooklyn area and you need bearings, seals, etc look up JRK Bearings on Coney Island avenue. These guys are THE BEST. They only carry the best stuff. I almost made the mistake of using cheap chinesium bearings from amazon and DMW on my first e50 build, but I came here instead. Got 4 NOS European/Slovakian made ZKL 6203’s for $20, down from $25 because I made a comment about supporting small business. They are a small, family owned business that have been there for decades, and are SUPER NICE. Plus they know a few good and dirty bearing and shaft jokes/puns… A friend of mine told me he paid $20 for ONE sh!tt chinesium 6201 bearing at a moped shop in the NY area….

Just call em before you go and see if they have exactly what you need.


April 19, 2019