Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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Cylindrical roller bearings make use of a modified line contact between the outer and inner ring raceways.  Ground ribs allow the rollers to be guided on the inner or outer ring.  Cylindrical rollers allow the bearing’s inner ring to have axial movement with respect to the outer ring, which allows for thermal expansion in which case the rings are pressed-fitted.

Compared to other roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings provide the highest radial load capacity possible.

Different types of Cylindrical Roller Bearing include:

  • One row cylindrical roller bearings – Available in inside and outside ring configurations.
  • Two row cylindrical roller bearings – Also known as double row cylindrical bearings, this style offers more radial capacity than single row bearings.
  • Four row cylindrical roller bearings – Handles a very high radial load capacity.  Offers no thrust capacity. Used in the metal industry.


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