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O-rings are also known as a toric or packing joints, and are the most widely used seal in the industry. During assembly, o-rings sit in a groove and are compressed between 2 or more parts to form their shape. They are easy to install and may be used as a double-acting seal. O-rings are both inexpensive and reliable.

Specialty o-rings can seal pressures of up to 800 PSI. If your application requires a seal pressure of over 800 PSI, backup o-rings should be kept in mind.

O-rings are not used for rotating shaft applications – their typical use is that of a reciprocating seal. They are measured by their inner diameter and cross section, and can be even more categorized by type (such as the material used to manufacture).

To correctly assess o-ring needs, consider the application’s sealing pressure, lubrication needs, size, and chemical compatibility.

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