Pillow Blocks

Pillow blocks are used in most HVAC applications in New York’s skyscrapers. #ReliaBALLBearings

We carry a complete selection of high-quality pillow blocks. Need help in selecting the best pillow blocks for your particular application? We’re here to make your job easier.

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Pillow blocks are the most common type of mounted unit, and have a construction that provides support to the shaft. At the same time, the mounting surface is parallel to the axis of the shaft.

Bolt holes are generally slotted which allows for adjustment when the unit is being mounted. We supply pillow blocks in many different configurations for many different applications.

Our units feature:

  • Rugged cast iron housing
  • Rock solid base
  • Wide inner ring bearing
  • Dual heavy-duty contact-type seals
  • Steel plate slingers on sides for dust exclusion
  • Full self-alignment, generating less friction than other rolling bearing types
  • Lubrication fitting for adding grease
  • Set screw units with two set screws, 120° apart in the inner ring
  • Locking for one-directional applications in units with eccentric locking collars


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