Lubricants and Bearing Lubrication

We carry a complete selection of high quality bearing lubricants and are always updating and adding new types. Need help in selecting the best products for your particular application? We’re here to make your job easier. We offer UPS same day shipping on bearing lubrication and a variety of other products. Get 24 hour emergency customer care: (718) 692-3032.



Bearing lubrication has a vitally important role in the life and performance of your bearings.  Its job is to minimize friction and prevent unnecessary wear by separating parts moving relative to each other.

Lubricants are designed for specific operating conditions where surfaces are separated by a protective film.  Lubrication allows for dissipation of frictional heat and provides protection from corrosion, moisture and other contaminants while providing smooth operation of the bearing.

Using the wrong lubricant is a known cause of bearing failure.  Some company’s research and analysis conclude that half of all bearing failures in industrial applications can be attributed to poor or inadequate lubrication.  Use the appropriate grade and type of lubricant to insure proper bearing performance.  Proper lubrication will reduce friction, prevent wear while carrying away heat.  Over time, the lubricant in a bearing will naturally lose it lubricating properties.

Get the right lubricant for your job.  We carry industrial lubricants including:

  • Premium All-Purpose Industrial Grease – Used for bearings that operate at higher than average temperatures
  • Construction and Off-Highway Grease – Good for wet and dirty applications.
  • Ball Bearing Pillow Block Grease – Recommended for lightly loaded bearings in conveyors and pillow blocks.
  • Mill Grease – Resistant to water washout.
  • Food Safe Grease – Used in food processing applications.
  • Synthetic Industrial Grease – Good for industrial, agriculture, automotive and construction.
  • Multi-Use Lithium Grease – Variety of applications that don’t require extreme pressure.


Timken Lubricants & Bearing Lubrication